The Learning Registry is not intended to be your portal into the world of digital resources but rather a conductor that developers can use to create the user-friendly and tailored tools you need. You are currently looking “behind the scenes” of some tools that you already enjoy. While you are welcome to take the Learning Registry for a test drive below, the primary audiences for this site are publishers and developers who, together, can create the user-friendly, tailored tools you are looking for.

Check Out Some of the Current Tools and Apps Available

There are a growing number of developers generating tools for educators that are powered by the Learning Registry. You can check out tools created for more specific audiences of educators on the page of Community Projects.

Test Drive the Learning Registry

While the best uses of the Learning Registry platform will result from the innovation of developers able to create tools and applications tailored to educators’ needs, you can experience the power of the Learning Registry using the simple search engine below.