Do you have a collection of digital content you would like to share with the Learning Registry? Joining the Learning Registry will help your content reach its intended audience.

Current Collections

Today publishers are engaging with the Learning Registry in one of three ways: Actively “contributing” publishers have explicitly partnered with the Learning Registry to provide us with data envelopes and other details about their collection using the steps below. Other publishers are contributing indirectly through partnerships with one of these active contributors. A third group of publishers is passively sharing resources simply by making their data public in a compatible format.

Become an active contributor using the tools below.

Get Started!

Join the Community – Become a Contributing Publisher

Ready to join the Learning Registry community? There are two routes: for publishers with fewer resources, we suggest the EasyPublish route, and for publishers with greater resources, we suggest the longer programmatic route.

EasyPublish Route


EasyPublish Doc

EasyPublish is a way to publish your resources either through a user-friendly form or through a CSV file (export from Microsoft Excel)

Take a look at the latest documentation on the EasyPublish tool, including links to the tool on the live and sandbox nodes.

Programmatic Route

If you’re publishing to Learning Registry public nodes:

If you’re setting up your own Learning Registry node:

      • Use an existing AMI
      • Install from scratch on Ubuntu Linux or Mac OS X.

Need to acquire more technical expertise before taking on these steps? Use this sample RFP language to acquire the support you need from a technical vendor or contact our expert team of developers to assist you with your questions at learningreg-dev@goog​

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Need Help?

    • We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the expert team of developers working on the Learning Registry. You can e-mail the developers list with any and all questions here: learningreg-dev@goog​
    • Join the weekly Learning Registry design calls (see News & Events)
    • Report a bug